Your house, show and tell.

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by David Layne, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Well, the very fact that you are reading this removes one possible obstacle - you obviously don't consider anything invented after the 1930's as beneath your dignity to try and comprehend! So no comments along the lines of "I don't what he finds to do on that thing [the computer] all the time!"

    If you do take the plunge, try and get a house with an annex for yourself. We did (hence needing the sale prices of both our houses), and at least my m-in-law keeps out of our way in the evening, which of course is what she prefers as well. Another couple we know has the wife's mother with them and no annex - she stays up in the living room with them until 10 pm; its not doing their marriage any good at all.
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    Murder may be the answer
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    Anyone know a good hitperson? :irvine:
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    Renting in Glasgow is not good either, a decent furnished flat in the city will set you back £800 per month for a 2 bedroom. There are others of course, but you would want something decent before you need to reduce yourself to those.

    Best places to be are either in the merchant city or just at the clydeside, but its where the big money

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