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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Kyt, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Ditto & Ditto!
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    The designer of this deserves an award:

    OGC gets to grips with new logo | NEWS.com.au

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    Not sure that this doesn't better qualify for RANT & RAVE but my award for all time goes to:-

    The young lady who picked her son up from the school which our grandchildren attend and then smacked into the side of my stationary car because she was DRUNK at 3:10 pm!!!!

    Fortunately no-one was badly hurt but my car could have been a child. One of her friends removed the car keys and called the police. I gather that she has problems and have no wish to add to them but .....

    It could have been a child

    I worked and waited for some years to get my car. It will probably require two new panels and a fair bit of respraying. A very expensive brand new tyre (not even a week old, I haven't even paid for them yet!) was also damaged and the air bag was set off!!! I do hope she is insured. Needless to say the countless witnesses disappeared into thin air once the spectacle of her arrest had passed. Got very scary when my husband was then cautioned and breathalysed too (obviously not a problem and just procedure they said but still scary).

    I don't condone drinking and driving in any way at all but I do see a degree of difference between someone who is slightly over the limit who stupidly drives home late at night, to being incapable in the afternoon and picking your child up from a busy first school.
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    Further to being hit by the drunken mother (Post 45), it seems that many more insurance companies are now taking the view that if someone is apprehended drinking and driving, this nullifies their insurance. I might be left trying to recoup my damages from the motor insurance equivalent of ABTA.

    Could somebody tell me how (apart from going into a skid) is it possible for me to hit square on the front of another car with the rear nearside of mine, because my insurance company advise me that if her insurance company do progress the claim we might have to settle for "knock for knock".

    I have steam coming out of my ears!!!!
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    People skills is surely a lost art.
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    These must have been ring washers.

    An Australian man was operated on in Hornsby Hospital in Berowra Sunday where surgeons removed 16 stainless steel washers from "down under," The Daily Telegraph reports.

    Berowra Fire Rescue officers were called to alleviate the man from his awkward predicament at 3 a.m. Berowra is a suburb of northern Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

    It was not clear how the man's situation arose.

    Fire rescue officers spent more than an hour unsuccessfully attempting to remove the washers, before the man was taken into an operating room about 4.30 a.m.

    Surgeons took about 90 minutes to remove the washers using fire brigade equipment.

    A hospital spokesman said equipment normally used to remove rings from fingers was ineffective because of the thicker nature of the washers.

    The man was in a satisfactory condition.

    It is believed the only lasting damage may be to his pride.
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    Nana, in the flurry of yesterday, I neglected to send my regards regarding your prangs. I do hope everything is getting sorted without too much stress. When I lived in the SW of West Oz, I attended a few car accidents which were often the result of drink driving and it still amazes me that people do it. Sure, they thing they're invincible but by thinking that, they have total disregard for everyone else.

    I've often wondered what commuting in a tank would be like...
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    My Wally of the week, goes to the Australian Government for taking 40 years to award the Vietnam Veterans the medals that were due to them
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