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  1. I'm a freelance writer working on a series of pro-military articles interviewing veterans. I'd like to include World War II veterans, and I am hoping to find some through this site. It has proven difficult to find WWII sites that are active or that involve actual veterans. Families that have stories passed down to them would also be welcome. The goal is to instill greater military pride and awareness of what our soldiers have been through. And these are all pro-military, of course. I hope to hear back from quite a few of you. Thank you.
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    Hi, Katie:
    A friend (a ret. USAAF Col.) was a B-29 navigator, flying missions against Japan. At 88 he's still sharp, loves to talk about his wartime experiences and has written two books about them. They include surviving 8 days adrift in a 1-man raft after his B-29 ditched in the Pacific, then acting as fill-in navigator on the US sub that rescued him. After returning to his unit on Tinian, he saw the atom cloud over Hiroshima during a mission against another target some 100 miles away. Part of this can be seen in an interview on the EAA Timeless Voices site ( If you'd like to be put in touch with him, just let me know.

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