The Von Steuben House

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    Evening all,

    I was gonna post this earlier, but am so caught up in the Rangers and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I just have not had the time to.

    I had mentioned the Von Steuben House previously in a post about local Revolutionary War sites here in Bergen County. Unfortunately, the place was flooded out during the recent Nor'Easter that raged through this area a couple of weeks ago. The house sits near the banks of the Hackensack River, which crested at it's highest flood stage in 30 years and caused a ton of damage to the house and the relics stored there.

    Will post a few links to articles about the damage in the next couple of days. It really is sad, as the place has been undergoing renovations, and then this happened.

    Will keep you posted.

    Hope all are well.

    Regards from the Garden State,

    Steve Basic
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    The Bergen County Historical Society ( has an "appeals" page on their website with many flood damage photos.

    I'm glad I got the chance to visit the Steuben House last fall. I know that older houses are located closer to roads than we are used to, but even last fall when the river was at a normal level, it struck me how close the house was to the old road and its quay. Looking downstream from the center of the old bridge in summer, with the trees blocking most modern intrusions, it would probably be easy to picture one of the fat shallow Dutch sloops described in Leiby's Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley lazily making its way up to the landing.
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    Thanks for posting the link. Much appreciated. :)

    Hope all is well.

    Regards from the Garden State,

    Steve Basic

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