Swearing at work is healthy

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    Explains a lot.


    British bofffins say swearing at work can fight stress.

    A study of leadership styles by the academics at the University of East Anglia found the use of "taboo language" boosted team spirit, The Sun newspaper reported.

    Yehuda Baruch, professor of management at the Norwich-based institution, warned bosses that any moves to prevent workers from swearing could have a negative impact.

    "In most scenarios, in particular in the presence of customers or senior staff, profanity must be seriously discouraged or banned.

    "However, our study suggested that, in many cases, taboo language serves the needs of people for developing and maintaining solidarity, and as a mechanism to cope with stress. Banning it could backfire," Prof Baruch said.

    "Managers need to understand how their staff feel about swearing. The challenge is to master the art of knowing when to turn a blind eye to communication that does not meet with their own standards."

    Well, b***** me.
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    On the other side! I remember waiting in the bar of the Buffs club in Edinburgh for the lodge to open and in walked Bob, who was at the time a RSM with Argyles!

    He threw open the door and shouts "You will never believe what those stupid F***king C**ts at MOD have just done"

    Someone replied what have they done?

    "Well that bunch of w***kers and tossers have gone and told us, that we cannot swear at f**king recruits"!

    Most of the lads had done some form of military service and it was clear from the looks on the faces that they agreed with Bob!
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    Or do as i do and use other words that mean the same. Sci Fi is a very useful dictionary. And if I get around to watching Firefly properly I shall then be able to curse in mandarin.
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    Do you know that Foot in Romanian means the same as F**k. When Michael Foot became leader of the Labour party, the newsreaders of the Romanian Service of the BBC world service were fighting over who got the read the news!

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