Serious Threat To Current & Former Military

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    Well put, Thomas. As my handle suggests I was trained as a US Army Interrogator. You know, all the way through training we were NEVER taught torture. We were never taught "inhanced techniques". I never even knew of the term "water-boarding" until someone in the Junior Bush administration brought it to our collective conscience.

    What we were taught at Interrogator school was that torture is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. Torture does not get good and reliable information from the "source". And information of the use of torture will get out into the world where it has vast negative impact. For one, it hardens all "sources" so that interrogation get almost impossible.

    In other words, in Republican speak, its just dumb. But President Cheney wanted it.
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    @Interrogator#6 torture is an emotional response of the weak minded and the unimaginative.

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