Russians in Syria ...

Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by GearZ, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. GearZ

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    I'd imagine most have been following the news of Russian involvement in Syria. They have regular forces, including air power, operating in the country. Tensions are rising. I can't help but think of the fictional work Alas, Babylon and how World War III started in that book.

    Anyone have some thoughts on this development? Where do you think it will lead? Will Syria become a vassal state of the Russian Federation?
  2. TheApollonian

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    I have not read the book but now I'm curious how World War III started in that fiction. Care to expound?

    Like any other superpower Russia is looking for allies, for what purpose? We're not entirely sure but history dictates it's all about grabbing resources, pushing their form of government and taking control of neighboring territories because what else is power for? A part of me likes to think Russia is trying to undermine the US and British hold on pseudo-democratic states.

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