Revolutionary War Cavalry Conference

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    Announcing the scheduling of a Revolutionary War Cavalry Conference, to be held at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, on Nov. 9-10, 2007:

    Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution in cooperation with the Cowpens National Battlefield and sponsored by Wofford College are planning an international conference on cavalry operations in the American Revolution. Scholarly presentations on cavalry commanders’ personalities, tactics and the uses of cavalry in specific battles and campaigns will be included in addition to an opportunity to spend time with folks interested in teaching and learning about the arts and science of mounted warfare in the American Revolution. The logistical support of cavalry troops on both sides during the Revolution, the traits and capabilities of the cavalry horse are also great subjects for presentations. Other interesting topics include the training of cavalrymen and horses; traditional military manuals on cavalry operations and Gen. Casimir Pulaski’s contributions; accoutrementing of different types of cavalryman; other traditional uses of cavalry; and mounted troops logistics and limitations.

    Being a cav guy, I'm giving serious thought to attending this one.


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