Reflections of an Ordinary Aussie Soldier

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  1. Kyt

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    I'm enjoying reading this.
  2. Antipodean Andy

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    Ooh, need to find the time to get into that for sure. A rare record.
  3. spidge

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    I just had a browse on the Bardia-Tobruk pages and it is quite interesting.

    The Tobruk attack was launched on the 21st January 1941 not the 24th as stated. My father was hit at the end of the battle on the first day (21st) before they took Tobruk on the 22nd.
  4. Cobber

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    Maybe see if you or another can get it published, contact the AWM in Canberra for a start they can give you hints on who to contact or may print it for you.
    Thanks for posting this writings.
  5. Cobber

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    Is Phillip Hurst a relative of some one on this site as I will be able to pass on the written piece to some who know what to do in regards to getting it published, veterans who have become historians and are well connected around Aussie. PJ Hurst was well known in the Victorian Veteran communities.
  6. Heidi

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    Hey, you're father was one of the famed aussie desert rats soldiers,that hold Rommelle at bay?
  7. Cobber

    Cobber New Member

    Sounds more like he was 6th Division AIF who with the NZ div and 7th (i think) Brit Armoured Div the main force's in the taking of Bardia, Tobruk and further west from the Italian army early in 1941.
    The only Desert Rats are the British Armoured Division who had been based in Egypt etc since around the start of WW2, and used in the deserts from East to West Africa. Alternatively their were the Rats of Tobruk a term of insult used by Haw haw, the Aussies of the 9th AIF Div and a Brigade from the 7th AIF Div along with several Brit units most notably Arty,AA and some Infantry took the propaganda, and used it as a positive.
  8. Heidi

    Heidi New Member

    Hi Copper,Thanks for that peice of information enjoyable read.
    I always thought there were Aussie desert rats included with the British desert rats.
    The British supplied tanks and guns and soldiers while the austrailans supplied one aussie unit that was involved with the rommel fight.I don't know how right i am though.

  9. spidge

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    Hi Heidi,

    Cobber is correct. Dad was 6th Div as is stated on my signature.
  10. John

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    Have just finished reading your uncle's story. What a great read it was. He told it like it happened with no self praise. One thing that did stand out to me was his reference to mateship and not to let a mate down.
    I also had not heard of the Japanese landing a patrol in WA.

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