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Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by Uncle Ben, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Uncle Ben

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    To all
    Here is a partial schedule of the events for 2007
    17-18 Mar Guilford Court House, Greensboro NC
    14-15 Apr Battle Road (Lexington & Concord)
    5-6 May Jerusalem Mills MD
    9-10 Jun BORDENTOWN NJ
    23-24 Jun Battle of Monmouth NJ
    25-26 Aug Battle of Newtown, Elmira NY
    8-9 Sept Battle of Brandywine PA
    15-16 Sept Fairfield CT
    14 Oct Ft Mercer (one day)
    20-21 Oct Rock Ford Plantation, Lancaster PA
    3-4 Nov Hope Lodge PA
    The two in capitals are the big ones for 07. if you like big events, these are well worth seeing.
    I will be happy to give additional info if asked. YMH & OS, Ben
  2. AmandaLynn

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    Where in Bordentown does the re-enactment in June take place?

    Although this is not a big event, do you have any information on the Battle of Crooked Billet re-enactment?

  3. Uncle Ben

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    Most Esteemed Linda
    As to Bordentown. Search, then click on events schedule, scroll down to Bordentown. There you will find directions. This will be a big one, Unfortunately I will be in England doing the Woolwich Farewell Parade. However I will be at Monmouth, Newtown, Brandywine, Saratoga, and Rock Ford. Come to the Royal Artillery gun park and I will give you a tour of the Crown Forces.
    I haven't found anything on Crooked Billet yet. YMH & OS, Ben Newton

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