Rare Early SS Kepi-1st Service Cap worn by Allgemeine SS

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by maxhansen, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    I didn't know anything of the kind and I hoped you enjoyed it up there.
  2. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    Nobody yet thank goodness.

    An honest collector eh? I now remember why you were tossed on WRF. I just looked it up. For posting fake helmets but also offering them for sale by sending pm's to other members and saying you can't post them on the forum.
  3. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    Ok Max, you've shown your colours, stripped down to the bone.

    Care to discuss your cap yet?
  4. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    You can say anything you like. Both those were real, the only two real things I got from Bolton, which I did sell but not on WAF,
  5. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    Which one Nanook?
  6. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    You've shown your colors too, white with a bit of yellow mixed in.
  7. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    Listen, as much as I'd like to keep you looking like an overzealous, cranky child, I'm tired and have to get up early to join more forums.
  8. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    Join all the forums you like. The helmets you were selling on WRF via PM were bad and were using PM to move garbage. Not the two lids from Bolton, it was other crap.

    At least you've made clear your modus operandi, join forums, fraudulently claim expertise, post junk for sale and use PM to move other junk. Have fun joining forums. I know 1 you won't get in, and the other you won't be there long.

    No comment on this which you say did not happen?

    Max Hansen

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    Apr 2012

    Your problem is you have no shame nevermind a shred of credibility. God help the poor sap that buys your junk.

    Care to discuss your Kepi yet?
  9. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    Wow , you must not have the enigma machine. Don't you realize why I'm doing this?? I have not been on ANY forum for months until I got back on WAF. If you can prove I sold a helmet on another site I will pay you what I got for it...it just didn't happen. I don't intend to join any forums, as I said I am GETTING OUT OF THIS HOBBY. the only reason I continued with this charade was because of you climbing up my ass within 5 mins of joining and finding forums, but just to join to make you nuts because you are an egotistical maniac and should go far in the WAF. So keep looking, I might be lying but I'm not. You did a hell of a job Nanook.
    As for the Kepi you are consumed with, I've been told by a competent authority hat it is real, and that's all I'll say

  10. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    I know, you were banned from 2 of the forums in 2012, one for trying to peddle fakes via PM, and then came running to WAF to solicit help. Which you received because members wanted to help not because they had to. Now those members are dishonest, egotistical and whatever other derogatory terms you care to throw out there because you posted 3 bad items.

    I could care less where you join Max/Otto, other than where I moderate as I don't want to waste more time with you than I already have.

    Any place else I see you join and try to flog this junk I will be vocal about it.

    As for your Kepi what happened to your so called "experience in these matters?" A competent authority told you it was real? The WAF members who backed you on the fake caps from Ken are now incompetent? Or just convenient for you to chose competencies as you see fit? What is backing your sources competency and what authority does he have? Did he sell you the fake Kepi?

    And seeing how you cannot discuss the cap on technical grounds or merit, as I thought, I suggest you remove it for sale here.
  11. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    Your suggestions mean as much t0 me as a snowflake in Canada. You are a long winded buffoon and it beats the crap out of me why I'm wasting my time here...oh I know, I want to bust your balls! That's the fun I'm having. But you better keep your eye on me and my dangerous Kepi. If this weren't so sad I'd laugh,,as a matter of fact I am!
  12. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    I realize that you'd rather sell your fake Kepi than delist it, I don't know why I would expect otherwise.

    As for the Kepi, $1100 out of pocket for some member of MHF might not seem like a big deal to you however it is to me as I am a member here and have been long before your "I have experience in these matters" reply which triggered my subscription notice.

    I care just like I cared when Ken was blowing you up for $3000 as I stand up for what is right, unlike you who stands up only for what is right for Max/Otto.

    So. Your not delisting the cap? A simple Yes or No would suffice rather than 5 posts of childish insults.
  13. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

  14. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    You can have it for 500.
  15. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    I didn't ask if I could buy it Mr Hansen. I have one (real) and don't collect reproduction items but thanks for the offer and generous discount. I can also get one made by GMAX that would be much more realistic for probably about $250 anyways.

    Sad to see you won't delist it then. Would you then change the title to Reproduction SS Kepi then? That way someone buying it for $500 knows its a repro.
  16. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    I'll sell it to you for 225.00. What is your name?
  17. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    I feel as if there is an echo in this forum. Please read my latest reply in the SS Helmet thread.

    As you are now into reproduction price territory why do you not change the price, and the description. 1 (one) repro Kepi. $225. Now your doing the right thing Mr Max.
  18. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    I will, now you?
  19. SSTk

    SSTk Member

    Quoted from the thread


    >>>You're no help...not even a first name. We speak Brooklynese in Brooklyn but I'm in Dobbs Ferry.
    I just want your email address, and yes the Kratzchen is SS and is pictured in Beaver's book.
    If you let me send you the pics, I promise I won't list it, and I will change the description on the Kepi listing to well-done repro. Deal Nanook<<<

    Mike Beaver's Kratzchen! And the seller was??

    Please simply post the photos in this forum, I will direct Tony here, or you can. The photos must be in natural light and in focus. Detail pics will be of course full view inside and out as well as all 4 profile shots, and closeups of stitching, markings, damage, insignia, piping, joints, wear, and tags if any.

    As for the Kepi, please be my guest and change the heading and price at your convenience.
  20. maxhansen

    maxhansen Member

    Beaver's book has a lot of photos. I can't figure out how to change it and you didn't keep your promise. I am disappointed.

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