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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by David Layne, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. David Layne

    David Layne Active Member

    Sorry to hijack your post David, but after a bit of a discussion we'd like to put a few added rules to the vote.

    Due to the fact that this thread occasionally languishes in the doldrums for a few days while we are waiting for question setters to come back to it, i did wonder if you would all like a 72 hour period for answers to be given and either verified correct or wrong. Once the 72 hours are up, if the original setter has not been able to return to verify the answer a Mod would do so and the quiz could continue.

    And one little thing. Maybe if everyone highlighted their question in a bright colour so it can be easily located in a thread.

    What do you all think?

    Do we have a quiz area in the forum? If so please move this to it.
    If not, what's this then?
  2. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    Moved to a new Quiz section :)
  3. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    That is a Blackburn (Boeing) Shark III out of Vancouver, Canada.

    It looks as if it is carrying a depth charge?? Nope, torpedo they say.

    Here are its' sisters:


    Found some more details here:

    Blackburn Shark III Torpedo Spotter
  4. David Layne

    David Layne Active Member

    Well done. Can you come up with a question?
  5. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    Sure, why not:

    Where was this ship sunk and by whom?

  6. David Layne

    David Layne Active Member

    Graf Spee scuttled Montvideo December 17th 1939?
  7. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    That is 100% correct - move to the front of the class. :clapping:

    Obviously we are going to have to beef up the questions. I went outside the normal theatre of war for that one, as I had done some work on the River Plate and had heard of the story.

    More Pictures and Her Story

    I lifted the photo from here:

    Salvage Team Prepares to Raise WWII Ship
  8. David Layne

    David Layne Active Member

    Here's one. Who knows what this is?
  9. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Looks like a glider (maybe Horsa?) with an engine whacked on top of its wing.
  10. David Layne

    David Layne Active Member

    Close enough to make it your turn Kitty.

    Slingsby T-31 Tandom Tutor
  11. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Oh crud.

    OK, just tell me what it is.

    Chat Quiz 1.jpg
  12. morse1001

    morse1001 Guest

    it what is usually called a "bouncing bomb" as used by 617Sqdn on their raid against the german dams!
  13. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Kitty's photo clearly shows a marine propeller behind the rudder assembly - but there is also a pivot for a horizontal control surface. Therefore a submarine. I think its an X-craft.
  14. morse1001

    morse1001 Guest

    You are right, I never looked at the ful picture!

    Attached Files:

  15. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Well done Adrain. Its the X-craft at Duxford museum. and tsk tsk Morse.

    Your go Adrian
  16. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Harsh Kitty! Back at work?:)
  17. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    How did you guess? Just completed 6 days straight and I despise working Easter. Anyway off to Rudyard tomorrow to play with boats :>
  18. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    The quiz area seems to have either grown very quickly or someone did an amalgamation of posts.

    So, what do we do now? Keep the quiz questions in this post or put them in the others?

    I am bored, there was no quiz today?

    This is an easy one, so I expect to see one of the Newbies in here with an answer fast!

    Where was this picture taken and why is it famous?

  19. morse1001

    morse1001 Guest

    is it the one of JFK and the crew of PT109 after they were rescued?

    I dont have my copy of the bok PT109 at hand!
  20. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    Close enough but also incorrect.

    Where it was taken: on the PT-109
    Famous: yes it is JFK on the far right

    It is before they were blown out of the water, otherwise they would not be standing on the deck. I intentionally cut off the part of the picture with the number so you would not know that, just to be a pest.

    Pass to the left, next question?

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