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    September 6, 1776: First use of submarine in war. The "American Turtle" unsuccessfully attacks British fleet off Staten Island (http://www.nps.gov/revwar/about_the_revolution/revolution_day_by_day.html).

    August 3, 2007: Reenactment of first use of submarine in war (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/08/03/2007-08-03_sub_troubles.html): "In a bizarre case of 'marine mischief,' a Brooklyn artist manning a replica Revolutionary War submarine caused a scare Friday morning after police found the strange-looking vessel foundering in a security zone near the docked Queen Mary 2, authorities said." ". . . the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals"--Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.
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    Interesting reading Yanky. Thanks.

    The re-creation of the submarine was somewhat bizarre. ::) Thy must have been on the whacky baccy to think of that!

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    Just from the local TV news here in the NYC area, they were filming a documentary about submarines but failed to get the permits to be allowed to do so. Some thought the odd looking craft was an old WWII mine that came to the surface, as this took place in the neighborhood of the old Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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