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    With the Paris attacks still on the news, ISIS, Russian interference in Syria, the US being described as a policing state, Chinese firepower rising and extremist and terrorist threats what do you think the future of warfare will look like in methods of attack and history? Do you think we'll be seeing World War III soon or will it be a case of isolated battles? Which countries do you think will be involved? Think, postulate and let us know.
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    No to the traditional image of World War 3. Rather warfare become increasingly A-symetrical. On one hand are 'third world' actors, freedom fighters, or terrorists may control local areas are unable to mount massive military actions of the sort which had characterized any of a myriod of earlier wars. Due to a lack of resources or soldiers they do not confront the established military machine of the major powers.

    On the other hand are the military machines of many established nations, from the USA to members of NATO, to Russia or China or Japan. These machines have the 'muscle' and means but are hampered by the lack of tangible targets.

    This has lead to an increasing number of low level wars. This does not mean wars have stopped but rather numbers of conflicts increase. People still die on both sides but battalions are rarely sent into battle.

    Warfare in no longer a raging fire but a huge pile of simmering embers.
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