Playing chess with Hess

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    Interesting read Kyt. Only to be a fly on the wall during those matches.

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    One of my brothers tours of Berlin, took him to Spandau and his coy, given the pleasure of mounting the guard force there in the late 70's. It may be the old soldier embelishment thing, but I remember one story he told of Hess always trying to entrap the guards. Asking for Cigarettes, chocolate, and other luxuries, knowing full well your average Brit is a bit of a softie...even paras apparantly....Not that I would possibly agree with such an outragous statement...But he told me of one of his colleagues on the mortar platoon being hung drawn and quartered for passing some little thing on to Hess, who then went and informed the guard commander.

    I suppose he needed to play other games as well as chess.

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