Monument to a special marriage

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    Scrap a touching monument to a special marriage

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    408 Squadron
    Lancaster LL633 EQ-L
    Mission to Nuremburg

    T/O 2204 from Linton-on-Ouse. Shot down during the leg into the target by the dual efforts of a ME210 and a Fw190, crashing at Gerolzhofen, a small town some 18 km SE of Schweinfurt. Those killed are buried in Durnbach War Cemetery. Apart from F/Sgt Hughes, who had joined the crew as P2 for operational experience, this appears to have been a scratch crew with a great variation in sorties flown, ranging from 14 credited to Sgt Bates to a minimum of 25 flown by F/O Labow. This scratch-crew would have been the direct result of an early return of the aircraft from 115 Squadron

    F/O J G White RCAF PoW
    F/Sgt J R Hughes RCAF PoW
    Sgt J E Bates PoW
    F/O G Schacter RCAF PoW
    F/O G L Wood RCAF PoW
    F/Sgt F G.Leahy RCAF Killed
    P/O A A Patton RCAF Killed
    P/O J I Labow Killed (also spelled Lablow)
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    Canadian crews based at Linton-on-Ouse (still an RAF airfield today) were billeted at Benningborough Hall (now owned by The National Trust). Visitors can read tales from the Canadian airmen during their tours - including getting a chastised by (IIRC) a certain Leonard Cheshire!

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    The wonders of the modern age where talking to someone on the other side of the world leads to a memento from 64 years ago. Amazing.

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