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    It appears in my lurking of "WWI" and "WWII" chat areas I failed to realize that there was another world over here in the "Forums" list of topics.

    I look after the web site for the Milton Historical Society (Milton, Ontario CANADA) and one of my projects is to digitize all the interviews that were completed with the WWII soldiers in the 1990 and 2000 eras. Those have been completed and the audio interviews are available on-line via the Internet Archive (a most valuable resource at

    The direct link to the project with links to the individual interviews is here:

    MHS Remembers Project

    This is part of the overall Milton Soldiers project which has many components. That main entrance and major project areas are as follows:
    We have identified four (4) surviving veterans of the Korean (Conflict. War, Peacekeeping Mission) still alive in Milton and we hope to complete their interviews in the next few months as part of the 2013 anniversary.
    There are also a number of other special topics on the main menu. The biggest project by far was the solving of the Gold Watch Mystery.

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