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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by iemp, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. iemp

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    Is there anybody who uses metal detector for finding military relics? I used to do it but unfortunatelly there are not many good localities around the place where I live. However I found few things like MG 42 parts and BREN machine gun mag and lot of ammo, but nothing truly interesting. I wonder what are your experiences with metal detecting?
  2. CinnamonBear

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    I used to live near Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, and a number of collectors used to take their metal detectors down there to search for Civil War belt buckles and other types of metal artifacts. I know that, without metal detectors, a lot of folks have found things like minie balls down there.

    I don't know of anyone ever finding anything of value with their detectors, but I'm sure there were some recovered treasures down there over the years.
  3. groundhugger

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    Only 'virtual metal detecting' via the Internet on you-tube , cringeingly bad health and safety digging up old ordnance , but good viewing as well. had a laugh with this one ! :eek:

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