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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by preacherbob50, Sep 21, 2014.

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    When I look around or see the news I'm constantly reminded of where I was when I turned 17. I was not a good person, but that being said, I joined the U.S. Army. An eye opening experience to say the very least. There was basic, AIT, jump school, and some specialized training, then it was off to the Nam.

    I served with a lot of guys who got drafted, and some, like me, joined. There were some real great soldiers on both sides of that card, and some real losers also. But that being said, bullets do not just look for the folks who volunteered to be there.

    Maybe it's the PTSD kicking in but while I do not like the idea of a draft, there are some folks out here that could really use some military in their lives. Folks who continually bash our military, like Kerry's appologies, but have absolutely no real idea what really goes on. When I and other GIs were 18 years old, we were responsible for each other's lives and million dollar pieces of equipment, just to mention a couple of things we were trusted with. Now, I see guys that can't be trusted to find a belt to keep their pants up. Some young men out there do not have a job, out of school, no education and not looking for either one. I really don't believe in the draft...or do I.
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    Wow @preacherbob50 ... you have just put into words what I've heard so many people say. Most teenagers, no matter what some PC freaks would shriek to hear me say this, are *not* like they were in the past. I blame technology and zombieization of youth. (new word!)

    Some are still people I'd trust my life with... but there were tons more that would have qualified for that years ago. Things are not the same. Morals and honor... often just a part of history now.

    The draft... well when I keep in mind what I just said, that becomes too scary of a proposition. Trusting the "yo, dude, you touched my smartphone, I'm gonna blow you away" kid with my freedoms and protection? Can't see it... at least someone who chose to be there might have some sense of patriotic pride.

    The explanation? Three words... sense of entitlement.
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    Maybe it's time for a new branch of the service who's responsibilities would be doing the things our volunteer soldiers do not have time for like burning poop in the portable latrines in combat zones, clearing landing zones ect. Good traing for the "new thinking" type of young folks.
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    Zombizication Kate? ( like the new word) So many connotations. Do you mean someone sitting around eating lobster tails on their EBT card while shooting zombies on their $400.00 phone? Or maybe the young pacifist who believes that solving global warming is the key to a kumbuya civilization. Or maybe the dit who loses his job because he wants to be first in line at the new pot store opening. Possibly we, who have had to be responsible entities in the grand scheme of things as we know it are still trying to hard. Perhaps if we too just sit back and let our pants hang down around our knees, these other nice folks like Putin, Kim Jon Un, Bagdadi, ect. will see the err of their ways and drop their pants also.
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    Nope. ;)

    Getting closer.

    Oh my, that's a frightening thought that the world is not ready for... shivers. I'll just keep my belt on, thank you. :p

    To answer your question... I'll try but it's not real easy. The zombie generation would be the ones who'd rather watch someone being beaten and die than step in so they don't get involved. The ones who'll be at the side of the road texting when the flag goes by instead of what past generations were taught.

    The ones who'll fight for equality while never having the tiny lick of common sense it would take to realize that while "standing up" for one group to have "equality", they're kicking down another.

    The ones where "everything's fine as long as it feels good" without thought to whether or not someone else is hurt by whatever it is. Me Me Me. And those who'd say "sorry man, can't get involved" when someone is literally reaching out for help.

    The list goes on... but I'll stop there. Oh, how are they recognized? The eyes. Look at the eyes if they can pull them away from ipads and smartphones and games long enough. Empty vacant eyes don't lie. :( There's something missing that used to be there.
  6. preacherbob50

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    I have a potential blog I wrote some time ago called,"a soldiers eyes." Having worked in the mission field as a counselor, chaplain, chef, you name it, I discovered I could pick out who the Warriors were versus someone who never did anything in the world except be a self absorbed critter. Even when a soldier is homeless, his eyes tell the story of the time he/she was needed and answered that need with his life on the line. There are a lot of true patriots out there who used to wear a uniform who are being shoved aside and someone who will never know the feeling of America the Beautiful is being catered to.
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    As a former regular soldier I'm torn both ways on this. Part of me thinks that yes it would do them some good, but would it do the army any good? Is it the military's job to sort out those in society who are a problem child? On the whole I think that no, keep them away from the first class professional military that we have today. When you mix good and bad in an attempt to improve standards you usually find that the bad drag down the good rather than the other way round. What concerns me more is that here in the UK we have the first generation of "no military experience" politicians who now hold positions of power, and it shows!
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    Yes Aghart, we to in the United States have the same problem, but it goes further back. We had Clinton, who avoided the draft by leaving the country and thus far no one in the democratic party who is being groomed for the presidency has served. Our own present leader never served. I can't say much about the republican party either.
    The problem, as I see it, isn't that they didn't serve, but their lack of communication with those military people and generals that know how to handle their jobs. Putin and others like him know exactly who is really going to do something and who will just talk about it.

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