Is it OK for disabled people to go to brothels?

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Kyt, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Obviously what you say here makes perfect sense, but I was pointing out the tensions between what we believe should happen and the litigation-concious blame culture that we have today, especially in Health Care.

    There is a lot of potential for grey areas here. What if the disabled person was less sensible than your friend and did want sex while drunk? What if they were only slightly drunk, not absolutely rat-arsed (I nearly said "paralytic".... :poster_oops: ) - where does the carer draw the line?What if the disabled person is nineteen and the person they wanted to have sex with was 58? There are plenty of uncouth old men who have found the only way they are going to have sex is with insecure and/or disabled or learning-disabled girls who also know they aren't going to get sex any other way.

    No easy answers of course. But if I was your friend's carer I would at the very least check out any decisions with my manager. :confused:
  2. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Right with you Adrian. But lets face it, a carer gets to know their caree (?) very well very fast. I would trust a carer to make the right decision in response to the person they are caring for.

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