help needed for place names in account of north africa 1941-2

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    I am currently typing up the diary my late father-in law wrote about his time in north Africa from November 1941 to June 1942 when he was captured and taken to Italy. I have not been able to locate some of the places mentioned and would love to hear of any suggestions.
    1. Was there a Mindora or Minhora Club in Alexandria for British servicemen?
    2. Is there a place called Jeruba possibly about 80 miles from El Agheila.
    3.Was there a supply/rail line called the Makeli- Limone line?
    4. In the sentence "we went to DADOS with indents" what were DADOS?
    5. In the sentence "we were at Barrel 505 when really we wanted to be at ...." what was a Barrel?
    Thank you.
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    Hope you are doing well there. Here some of your quires for Makeli & DADOS ...
    ** Obviously there was a chain/route from El Agheila to Solum , via Agedobia - Meus & Mekili [I think it was so and Lemone was enrouted there '42] , as far as my knowledge goes .

    May visit::

    ** I think He went to visit his D.A.D.O.S , ie., Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services,there .

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    Thank you Diptangshu,
    It's great to have such a speedy solution.

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