Happy Birthday CTNana

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Kyt, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης



    Hope you have a great day
  2. Wise1

    Wise1 Getting Wiser!

    Congrats! Hope you have a great day.

  3. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    21 today, 21 today........................

    Have a great day!

    Let us know where they take you to dinner.
  4. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Happy Birthday CTN! Hope it's the best one yet!
  5. morse1001

    morse1001 Guest

    Many happy returns on your Nth birthday!
  6. sniper

    sniper Active Member

    Many happy returns CT, hope its a great day.

  7. 51highland

    51highland Member

    Happy Birthday, have a dram or 3 for me.
  8. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Happy Birthday lass!
  9. Hugh

    Hugh New Member

    Many happy returns and enjoy your day.
  10. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    Hi All
    Thanks so much for your good wishes. We had lunch with a dear friend today and are celebrating with the family tomorrow.

    21 - I wish!!! 21 and then some and some more!!!

    Highland might just make two drinks - never have made the third!!!

    I have been trying to remember when someone last called me lass - probably when I last had to empty the coal out of the tin bath before bath night! I was lucky enough to get in first because I was the eldest girl - tough on the youngest brother!!!

    Thanks again
  11. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Don't they call those the "good old days":becky:
  12. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    Yup them's the ones!

    We only ever had chicken (never mind turkey) and oranges at Christmas time. Before I met my husband I had never tasted butter or steak, or eaten in a restaurant and countless other things that we all take for granted today.

    I just knew that the lunchtime nostalgia was bad news, sorry guys!! Hard but I wouldn't have changed it for the world!

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