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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Kyt, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Kyt

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    Well, I have been banned from some parts of Bristol :>
  2. Kitty

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    And I have the photographic proof :>

    The councils round here either lay the stones down, some knock them over, and others brace them both sides if they are considered 'dangerous'. bear in mind they do this by two full grown men throwing their weight back and forth on the stone until it wobbles. Our last vicar (no man of God) went around the churchyard with the treasurer and they did this precise trick after they forcibly made families remove planting on graves and in many cases kerbs as well (they tried to force us to remove the kerbs on my great grandparents. they had shock when they were told to go away with extreme impoliteness and what would happen if they attempted to remove them. They had already done this themselves on other graves and smashed up marble kerbs to prevent them being replaced). They then marked up 'dangerous' stones with car spray paint on marble and stone. This wont come off. They marked up my grandmothers, and my god I had a difficulty shifting it to find out if it was dangerous. In some cases they actually snapped off stones.
    All we had to do was dab some cement underneath to secure it down. They were demanding we pay £600 for a stonemason to pin it.
    Luckily the evil bastard of a vicar is gone, and the whacko one we have now can't understand why they did this.

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