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    This is just a note for the combat and non-combat vet. I went for a lot of years not knowing the value of getting registered with vets affairs and the VA medical system.
    I had to retire early (62) and had to take the Social Security cut. I'm waiting on a resolution for military based disabilities and have been doing so for nearly five years. The government is slow moving especially when agent orange and PTSD are introduced into the mix. I digress.

    It doesn't make any difference how much money you make to get registered and get your VA card. VA medical benefits, especially meds and med care are there for you. If you make less than $12000.00 a year, meds and med care are free.

    Some of the benefits are not even from the VA. When I go to Lowes, I get a 10% discount. Home Depot wants a disabled stamp on your card for the discount with the exception of federal holidays when all VA cards are welcome. Some restaurants like Applebee's and The Outback occasionally have a vets day when the food is free for card holders. Some motels and stores also give discounts but you have to ask.

    Also, if you are on Social Security, go down to the SS office and ask about a possible military service addition to your regular benefit. If, for whatever reason your military service hasn't been documented with them it could make you up to $100.00 extra each month. No one will search you out to give you these perks. You have to do the leg work and do the asking.

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