Do the wars keep you up at night?

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Maddy, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Maddy

    Maddy New Member

    Ok so I really should be asleep right now, but I just keep thinking about WWll. It's probably cause I read 100 pages of this great book

    And then watched Winter in Wartime, Nazi Hunters and WWll In Colour on Netflix.
    So I can't stop thinking about all the women in my books and the sights they saw and encountered. Also, the emaciated people in Nazi Hunters that they showed and the mounds of dead bodies. It is all so incredible and something I can imagine but only superficially. I try to imagine it all, but really I can't.

    I am in bed now and a question popped into my head whether Hitler had children of not. So I found this:

    Anyhow, what do you think about at night?

    Maybe now that I told you about this I can get some sleep. ;)
  2. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    No, the wars don't keep me up. I try to focus on the present, my current goals and what's happening in my life right now. It's fun to study the past but I don't think it's good to get too emotionally involved on a personal level. If I lived in a war zone that would be a different case, I'm sure! :)

    I have a couple of friends that have sleep disorders and they use visualization to get to sleep. They basically think of positive images when they lie down, not the horrors of war or anything like that. Maybe you could think of what you would ideally like your life to be, say in five years from now, in as much detail as possible: your ideal home, ideal job, relationship, whatever keeps you thinking of something good. Another good idea is to read/view something pleasant before bedtime. Something light-hearted (an online art gallery, a short film or chapter in a non-war related book) that will be the last thing on your mind as you drift off. I have used this technique a few times and it works for me.

    I'm not sure about that story about the possible son of Hitler. It could be true, but even so, I don't think our blood determines who we are, so the guy should be just as capable of a making a good life for himself as the rest of us.

    I hope you get some good rest tonight!
  3. tripletaker

    tripletaker New Member

    Well, I guess its okay to be extremely interested in history and not have any sleep over. But it doesn't keep me up at night as I like to focus more on current news and whats happening today/tomorrow. About Hitler had children or not, I don't think he had children. In that article, having "similar handwriting" or the same blood type doesn't indicate and relationship. DNA testing is what makes it conclusive.
  4. Akolt

    Akolt Member

    Depends on the explosion sounds. I've actually experienced that when I was a kid, but then we moved to another country :)
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  5. scuzzlebutt12

    scuzzlebutt12 New Member

    Depends what kind of day it is, I'm deployed to Afghanistan right now and the war here seems to keep me up on a daily basis. That's probably because I have tower guard from 12-2am every other night:cool:
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  6. Arzosah

    Arzosah Dancing, to banish some of the horrors of war...

    Ouch, scuzzzlebutt! Hope you're doing okay.

    Does war keep me up at night? No, it doesn't. If I get involved in a good book of whatever sort, then I'll probably stay up too late! Trying to think of the last one. Oh! Its this one:

    Robin Lane Fox's biography of Alexander the Great. Yes, its a biography, but Alexander killed his first man in battle as a young teenager, he was a cavalry general at 16, and lived his life at war from then until he died at 33. He went from tiny, wild Macedon in northern Greece to conquering the Persian Empire, the untested superpower of the time, going so far as to touch on northern India.

    I just read the link to the Daily Mail article about the man who claims he's Hitler's son. Hmmm. A typical DM story, I'm afraid. It may be true, yes. Doubtful, but possible. I'd be more interested in knowing the story behind the story, about why it was publicised at that time last year. And I think if *I* was related to Hitler ... that would keep me awake at night.
  7. Watson

    Watson Member

    If I was in Scuzzlebutt's position, I'm sure that I would lose some sleep over war. But, seeing that I spend my evenings several thousand miles from the nearest armed conflict, I tend to toss and turn over relatively insignificant issues like work and the health of my dog.
    By the way, Scuzzlebutt, keep your head down and take care.
  8. groundhugger

    groundhugger Member

    not really , only the one that didn't happen WW3 !

    nightmare hot sweat as a huge churning red fireballs exploding around the horizon this is real..... and not in a 'dream knowing its a dream' .

    this is every few years now thankfully

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