Cowpens 226th

Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by Rifleman, Jan 13, 2007.

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    Had an interesting afternoon at the Cowpens Battlefield 226th Anniversary celebration. I saw some rifle, musket, and cannon firings, spent a little time talking to the cannon guys about their 1 and half pounder, and walked the battlefield. Was able to identify some of the terrain features associated with the battle - Morgan's Hill, Hayes' Rise, The Rivulet, etc. Calling anything a hill on that ground is somewhat of an exaggeration. It's mostly flat, with only sight rolling changes in elevation.

    Dr. Bobby Moss gave a talk on the importance of the Battle of Cowpens - pivotal in his estimation. He also had some anecdotes about the battle that were new to me. Seems Morgan had his signaler use a conch shell during the battle. The piercing tone of the shell could be heard above the din of musket and rifle fire.

    The D.A.R were there in force, and participated in a wreath-laying ceremony. The wreath from the Charlotte, NC chapter had a simulated hornet's nest attached (reference to the quote from Cornwallis that Charlotte was a hornet's nest of rebellion).

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    Sounds fabulous, Rob. I'm jealous.

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    Sounds nice. I wish I could have been there.

    LOL...I guess the term "hill" is relative. :D

    Interesting piece of trivia with Morgan and the conch shell.


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