Convicts land in Australia

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by preacherbob50, Jan 18, 2015.

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    On 18 January 1788, 736 convicts from England landed on Botany Bay. We pretty much know some of the story, but maybe someone from Australia can enlighten us on some of what happened after the landing. Were they simply stranded, became indentured workers or what did happen?
    Is there some kind of commemoration day concerning the landing? Enquiring minds want to know........or just me.
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    Hmmm.... Watkin Tench ..... Good read, Thanks Alex !!
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    Really guys?? 11 actual words and 4 links? I kind of thought that a forum, or discussion group was about people actually having input concerning a subject. I know how to use Google and how to manage a computer but "what do you have to say about a bunch of convicts starting an entire nation?" What do you "think?" Is the day treated like the U.S. treats the Plymouth Rock landing? (which is crickets)

    When a thread was started regarding Veterans Day, (Armistice Day) Aghart threw a couple of links into the mix and actually went all out to give his take on it, plus history, plus what was going on in London on that day.

    If you ask about the civil war in the U.S., Kate will be all over it plus giving you a link or two but for the most part she will give all of us her take on the things she has researched which allows others to ask more questions and get more conversation about the subject therefore LEARNING more about the subject and each other.

    Interrogator #6 will always put into words what he has found out about ANY piece of history. He likes to crack the net too but he also likes to put out an expository of his research thereby impressing all who should peruse his work, but nonetheless starting conversation or debate.

    I suppose it is "different strokes for different folks" but to tell ya'll the truth, if I just wanted to look up links I could have done that on my own without wanting input from other actual living people.
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    It is often assumed that others read forums and may just wish to be shown links - - JHC that will do me.

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