Battle of Bordentown

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  1. AmandaLynn

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    This event took place on June 9-10 and is one of the best Revolutionary War Re-enactments I've seen in this immediate area. No battle actually took place in Bordentown, though a number of skirmishes did take place in the area. Despite that fact, there was a LARGE turnout of Continental, Britsh, Hessian, Loyalist, and French troops performing for the public. The soldiers put on a marvelous performance!!!

    I have a slew of photos from the event right here: Please feel free to stop in and have a look.

    I met up with Ben Newton of the 4th Battalion Royal Artillery and we chatted briefly after the event. Ben, it was was nice to finally meet you in person! I found out I had something in common with Ben: a Border Collie afraid of loud noises...LOL.

    Ben, if you check in, here's my Clara at Molly Pitcher's well:


  2. The General

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    Fabulous photos--thanks so much for sharing them.

    They even had Hessians, eh? Very impressive. It sounds like a very well-done event.

    Good looking border collie. Susan grew up with them. They're too smart for their own good. ;)

  3. Uncle Ben

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    Linda & Clara
    Great pictures. When I clicked on your website it worked. When I entered it on Google it didn't work? I would like to send the site to the Crown Forces. Help?
    FYI Monmouth 23-24 June, Brandywine 8-9 Sept. Smaller but nice.
    Good picture of your Collie.
    YMH & OS, Ben & Belle
  4. AmandaLynn

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    Hey Eric,

    Even THE FRENCH were there!!!  :D Glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for looking.

    Yeah, those Border Collies are too smart for their own good. Mine knows how to open doors.  :eek: We have latches and no knobs. She knows to jump up on the latch and either pull or push to get where she wants to go. As a pup we were not able to lock her out of rooms!  :eek:

  5. AmandaLynn

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    Hey Ben,

    Clara wants to know if you received the email I sent you earlier today. ;D ;)


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