Aussie veterans of D-Day - all services

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    A commendable bunch of guys. Sad that the Australian part is so often overlooked. Spidge has a list of Australians killed on DDay itself. Unfortunately, the site that I copied the list from is dead now - hopefully, Spidge will post it here.
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    Australians killed around D-Day

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]You are on page 1 of 1 for 17 records [/FONT]

    AhearnDonald Algernon JosephFlight Sergeant423032
    Bayeux WarCemetery
    BlackStanley KevinFlight Sergeant418790
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    CumberlandRussell LloydSergeant403644
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    KinrossKenneth CharlesPilot Officer409147
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    MacfadyenDuncanFlying Officer425178
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    PhilpotJames TempleSergeant403532
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    AshtonBruce ValentineSub-Lieutenant
    HMLCA (HR) 1106Bayeux War Cemetery
    BiltoftArthur HenryWarrant Officer414192
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    BurgessMalcolm RobertFlight Sergeant423076
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    GlasbyHarveyPilot Officer414785
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    HowardGeorge JohnFlight Sergeant420883
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    JacksonArthur ReginaldFlight Sergeant429953
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    KnightFrederick JamesPilot Officer422801
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    McleodJohn WilbertFlight Sergeant418296
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    RossHector Scott KeadleFlying Officer412832
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    WardRoland GilbertPilot Officer422326
    Bayeux War Cemetery
    WilsonAlan WilliamPilot Officer410510
    Bayeux War Cemetery
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    They were from these squadrons:

    I cross checked with the AWM and came up with the following squadrons for those 16 RAAF who were listed.

    1 x 49 RAF Squadron
    4 x 50 RAF Squadron
    1 x 97 RAF Squadron
    1 x 106 RAF Squadron
    1 x 107 RAF Squadron
    1 x 181 RAF Squadron
    1 x 226 RAF Squadron
    1 x 453 RAAF Squadron
    1 x 460 RAAF Squadron
    3 x 576 RAF Squadron
    1 x 630 RAF Squadron
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    Hey, the site's back. Cheers Spidge
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    Bill Robertson

    I have a great interview (written) with Bill Robertson. He was in my Dads battalion and got knocked on the same day.

    He met Monty at a briefing after D-Day and was known to be Australian. Monty looked at his uniform and said:

    "You weren't with the 9th division then" and proceeded to ignore him.
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    Bill Robertson - Australian - G1 51st Highland Div. D-Day

    Australian G1 of British 50th Div & 51st Highland Div
    Bill Robertson was an officer in my fathers battalion (Australian 6th Div) and eventually was G1 (Chief of Staff) in the 51st Highland & 50th Division and finished with that division in December 1944 when they returned to Britain.

    The Australians at War Film Archive - Home

    8th Battalion Australia
    6th Division Australia
    HQ 7 Division Australia
    51/50 Division British Army

    Bill landed in North Africa at El Kantara on the Suez Canal and went through Bardia, Tobruk then off to Greece and Crete where he won the Military Cross.

    Then he went as G1 of the Australian 7th Division in New Guinea where he was MID and was instrimental in having an incompetent American General sent back to the states for incompetence. He returned to Britain to be G1 with the 51st Highland Division being privy to all the D-Day planning then landed at Aromanches with HQ. He then became G1 with the 50th division to General Douglas Graham and had great respect for the Corps commander General Brian Horrocks.

    Meeting with Bernard Montgomery he saw Bill's Africa Star and not seeing a "9", (which represented the Australian 9th Division), said you weren't at El Alamein then? At all future meetings he was addressed by Montgomery as the Australian who wasn't at El Alamein!

    Bill went right through from D-Day to Holland when his division (the 50th) returned to Britain.

    He was also awarded an OBE which was his second award presented by King George V1.

    Quite a long interview but there now for all time.
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    A long interview is a good interview if it's as good as that!
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    Thanks Spidge - will definately be reading that in the morning
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