An Unfortunate Region

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    Peter and Marco's fine site .... plenty to see !

    "This is an unfortunate region, and consist entirely of mud, a form of matter which has, however, been unfairly despised. I am prepared to take my oath that mud is warm and a friend to man. Mud is affectionate and clinging; mud has no pride; mud is soft to fall on; mud is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not greatly interfere with the hearing; and, finally, mud is warm."

    2/Lt. Bernard Pitt, Christmas day 1915
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    I have checked the website. I have to say there are some great information out there. You can find some ebooks there as well.

    It is a decent site, but I think they should focus on less topics. The site has information about multiple topics, they can narrow it down to one or two.

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