An interesting encounter at Valley Forge

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    It was gorgeous here in eastern PA so I headed out to Valley Forge for the day with a friend.

    In front of Washington's Headquarters they now have a storytelling bench where a professional storyteller shares stories of the Continental Army with you. We were sitting on the bench chatting with the storyteller when suddenly he turned around to a gentleman who had just walked out of Washington's Headquarters and asked him how he enjoyed his visit. Turns out this visitor was a direct descendant of one of Washington's adjutants: Joseph Reed!  :D :)

    He shared some information about the Reeds with us, which was very interesting: history tells us that he was from Trenton. Well he was ... sort of, but it was more like Ewing Township. Where the State College of NJ now sits, was where he had lived. I just had to get up and shake his hand when he left. How often do you get to shake the hand of a descendant of someone like that? It only happened one other time when we were visiting Charleston and attending a noon time service at one of the historic churches in that city. The pastor was a direct descendant of James Longstreet's!


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