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Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by Interrogator#6, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Interrogator#6

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    Is anyone interested in the American Indian Movement? Or the skirmish at Wounded Knee (1970s)?

    I ask because I discover that one of my friends was one of the co-founders of that militant movement. He was there are many of the actions and activities, such as the occupation of Alcatraz.

    I do not know enough to even ask dumb questions, but I would be willing to ask him if you can supply me with your questions.
  2. muscogeemike

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    The 1970 Wounded Knee incident was not a military skirmish, it was armed native militants vs Law Enforcement Officers.
    I am Native American and was in the US Army during this period, I agree with some of the militants aims but not their methods - and I believe the majority of Natives felt the same way.
    The battle of Wounded Knee is a whole nother subject.

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