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Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by The General, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. The General

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    From Glenn Williams, former director of the American Battlefield Protection Program:

    Dear Friends and Fellow Historians,

    As many of you know, I am the former historian of the National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP), and although I have changed jobs, I am still interested in the preservation of historic battlefields.

    Every year the ABPP accepts applications for proposals for various projects contributing to the preservation of historic battle sites. I thought you might be interested to know that one of the recipients for 2006 was the 1776 Battle of Two Bridges in New Jersey. Those for 2007 will be announced soon. As of this writing, I do not know what, if any, Revolutionary War sites may be under consideration.

    Branchburg Historical Society, Inc.
    New Jersey
    $ 10,000

    The Society will identify and document the Battle of Two Bridges in order to prepare nominations to the State and National Registers. The project will involve research and fieldwork necessary to document the battle's history, establish its significance, and delineate a battlefield boundary. This battle took place on December 8, 1776, when local patriots from New Jersey intercepted a party of loyalists attempting to cross the Raritan River and join the British in New Brunswick.

    Best Regards,


    Congrats to the Society, and keep up the good work.

  2. AmandaLynn

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    OK. I'll bite. Where in the world is Two Bridges? Not to be a wise guy, but I do know where Three Bridges is and I believe the Raritan River does run through it. Are the two places related at all?

  3. Yanky

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    According to the map in Munn's Battles and Skirmishes in New Jersey . . . (on the last page of http://nj.gov/dep/njgs/enviroed/oldpubs/battles.pdf), it looks like it's near Bridgewater, and near Three Bridges.
  4. AmandaLynn

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    Hey thanks! I forgot all about that book! Judging from the map in the back of the book, it doesn't look to be all that far from Route 202. It's somewhere in the vicinity of Branchburg and Readington and used to be a stage stop (http://www.branchburg.nj.us/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=180&Itemid=219). Now this is going to sound really silly, but I'm actually sitting here wondering if the village of Two Bridges changed its name to Three Bridges after the railroad went through it.  ???


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