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Discussion in 'Barracks' started by preacherbob50, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I do not know what the whole story is, but it seems that history as it is presently being taught in California is going to change.

    High school seniors who are taking the advanced classes in history are going to start studying a "new" sort of history. Apparently the history that they are being taught is erroneous and biased toward American exceptionalism, or so it is being said. No more we won WWII, but how many people we killed in the process to do it. No more talking about how the Alamo was lost, but how the Americans have stolen so much land from Mexico. But, I'll bet it doesn't say how Mexico became Mexico and how they tried to take back Spanish land grants from settlers. No more Louisiana Purchase but how we helped finance Napolean in his journey toward conquering Europe.

    I really do like the truth in the telling of History, but I like the whole truth. Both sides of the story.

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