Zeebrugge Raid : Albert McKenzie VC

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Adrian Roberts, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Following the post about William Helman of Guernsey, the above site is another sad story, of Albert McKenzie, who was awarded the Victoria Cross after the Zeebrugge raid, survived, but died in the flu epidemic aged 19.

    The site is in fact an extremely good introduction to the Zeebrugge raid in all its aspects. Eight VCs were awarded, two of them posthumously - and another of the VC survivors, Lt Sandford, also died in the flu epidemic.

    Three more VCs were awarded in the Ostend raid, a repeat of Zeebrugge a month later.
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    Just as an aside ... I remember seeing the Memorial at Wallesey for a few Remembrance days !! ..... but I can't remember why .... I'm wondering if our family had some ties there ..... though I haven't found them yet !


    Annie :)

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