Ypres March 2011

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    Ordnance found at Mametz Wood France.jpg Bayernwald Trench - Hitler was stationed here.jpg Caterpillar Valley Cemetery France.jpg Cloth Hall was destroyed in WW1.jpg Bunker Bayernwald Belgium.jpg

    My brother & I went to belgium March 2011 to visit some of the many WW1 sites. Whilst it was very interesting it was also very sad especially when a lot of the graves had ages of 19 years old, 21 years old etc. Tyne Cot Cemetary
    was huge, we also visited Caterpillar Valley Cemetary where we have a 4th cousin that died on the 23rd July during the Somme offensive and although we never knew him it was still an overwhelming moment. The two trenches in the photos are that of Bayernwald where Hitler was stationed, could've been very different if he'd....who knows?

    In every ploughed field you can almost be assured of finding something from that "bloody" era. I came back with some live rounds in almost mint condition and we found a live shell in Mametz Wood, very eerie place that. Well worth a visit to that part of the world, the Belgian beers pretty good too

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