Your going to get a kick out of this guys.

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Are you a...

  1. Marine. Boom badda bing, clickity clack and.. DONE

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  2. Army. How do I PMCS again?

  3. Airforce. Smart and Fast, skinny or fat.

  4. Navy. Seal it up and let's go!

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  1. lionzfire122

    lionzfire122 New Member

    This has to do with those military manicans you see in the stores.

    I have been to an Army, Navy and Airforce store who use manicans to display their uniforms. Everything looks great I must say very professional guys!

    The minute I walk into a Marine store I see a chick manican. The only thing is she is definitely a hooker. She had a marine thong on and a top, covered with the Marine jacket. Don't forget her boots to go with her Marine thong, and lipstick with a cigar hanging out of her mouth. She probably had a hat on but still lol.

    You don't see that everyday!
  2. Late Bloomer

    Late Bloomer New Member

    I have not seen these manikins, but I pretty sure I'm glad when I was in the Navy we had more modest uniforms! It was bad enough when I was in that they thought of many was that we were just there to find men, not to do a job and serve our country. Do you have any pics of these manikins? Or do I not want to see them?
  3. GearZ

    GearZ Member

    This thread reminds me of a story my Air Guard father-in-law once told me. The Air Guard does all kinds of joint activities with the Army Guard at various times. My FIL noted that the Air Guard restrooms and users of said left behind magazines like Popular Mechanics, CQ (ham radio magazine), etc. The Army facilities had such classics as Playboy, Hustler, etc. One can make of his report as one sees fit. ;)

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