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    I thought it would be interested to do a genealogy search on What I found was that my great uncle served in the war, but when he returned to the US, he was disillusioned. A German born American citizen, he was in a bar fight after an argument broke out over the war strategy.

    My great uncle was arrested for "Violation of the Espionage Act" for telling someone "This country is going to hell in a handbasket. My unit was so bad, I know Germany is going to win." During WWII, the family was put on the FBI watch list and were followed throughout the war.

    Do any of you have any family stories?
  2. Yes I do. My mother, Amy Isabelle Cremer (born Amy Bradford), had 4 remarkable brothers who became the most decorated family in WWI. Three brothers were in the Durham Light Infantry and one was in the Royal Navy. Between the four of her brothers there were 2 VCs, a DSO, 2 MCs and 3 mentions in despatches, with her youngest brother, Roland Boys Bradford, being the youngest ever Brigadier-General in the British army at the age of 25.
    Unfortunately the old website hosted by Geocities became inaccessible a few years ago.

    The Bradford Brothers Tribute website has now recently been republished professionally at
    When Geocities closed down the story of the Bradford Brothers disappeared for a year or two, but fortunately it has now been updated and is safe. It is hosted and maintained by 'Entwine Solutions', a business located only 3 or 4 miles from Witton Park, County Durham, where all four of my mother's brothers were born.

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