Your Country Needs You: The Secret History of the Propaganda Poster

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    Hi everyone, Laura here from Glasgow publisher Saraband.

    Excuse the shameless self promotion, but I think I have a book here that may be of interest to many of you.

    Our author James Taylor will soon be launching his new book 'Your Country Needs You: The Secret History of the Propaganda Poster' on September 7th at the National Army Museum - "In celebration of British war posters from the English Civil Wars to the present day, listen to five experts discuss the changing ways posters have been used both to encourage support for the Army and to register dissent. Speakers will examine the range of artists and designers, such as John Hassall, Abram Games and Terence Cuneo, who have produced some of the 20th century’s most memorable images. This all-day event will also feature the launch of 'Your Country Needs You: A Secret History of the Propaganda Poster' by James Taylor, and a display of rarely seen Second World War posters designed and personally signed by Abram Games."

    Tickets & info on the National Army Museum website:

    James will be doing a few talks around England & the US in 2014 in and around this important subject, if you think you'd be interested do just post below and I can provide the dates and locations etc. I'll be active on here, checking the forum regularly to chat about the book, events and so on.

    Coverage of the book has been seen in the Telegraph, the Express, the Independent and others. It seems that revealing the famous Kitchener poster as a mis-categorised magazine cover that evolved into an urban myth has caused some heated debate. You may have already seen some of this coverage and I'd be very interested to hear what you all think of the discussion.

    Regardless of debate, YCNY is a fantastic study of propaganda posters, separating fact from fiction, looking at poster origins, Alfred Leete's life, James Montgomery Flagg and more. We're proud of how this came out and want James' hard work to get the recognition it deserves.

    Here's the book on Amazon for your perusal.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, looking forward to having a chat with you all.


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    Also, forgot to add (because I'm a numpty) that James has started a little postcard hunt. He is offering £100 to the first person who can find an original wartime postcard featuring the famous Your Country Needs YOU image.

    “If someone could find an original wartime postcard of ‘Your Country Needs YOU’, that would be a significant discovery. I pledge £100 to the winner!”

    If you think you might be lucky enough to have an original postcard in your possession, email James at

    Thanks again,


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