Youngest serving British casualty of WWII

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  1. Hugh

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    Not Forgotten

    A very poignant occasion with about 80 to 100 in attendance. Alf Tubb a Royal Artillery Maritime Regiment, DEMS gunner and shipmate of Reginald paid a fitting tribute to his friend.

    Some photos as promised:


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  2. liverpool annie

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    Thanks for the photos Hugh !

    It was very touching watching the video .....

    Annie :)
  3. Billy McGee

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    Just received the following email from the CWGC

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Tim Brown
    Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 4:03 PM

    Dear Mr McGee

    I have now taken over Peter’s responsibilities. Just one of the case files which Peter has passed onto me is that of Boy Reginald Earnshaw.

    I can confirm that the certification provided is sufficient for us to add “Age 14” to our records. As far as I am aware, this would indeed make Reginald the youngest known service death of the 1939-1945 war.

    Naturally, we will have to amend the headstone but this also presents the opportunity to offer the step sister (being a blood relative) the choice of a personal inscription, should she so wish, which can be engraved at the foot of the headstone. The inscription should be no more than 25 letters and spaces per line with a maximum number of 4 lines being available.

    We will write separately to the step sister, Pauline Harvey, on this matter but it seems likely that any additional engraving required on the headstone will necessitate its removal at some stage for the work to be carried out.

    Yours sincerely

    Tim Brown

    Records Administrator
    Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    2 Marlow Road
    SL6 7DX

    Photograph of Reginald courtesy of his step sister

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  4. Jerome

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    Great job Billy; and only 6 months to confirm that the certification you provided is sufficient.
  5. spidge

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    I have been waiting since November 2008 for the Australian Government to confirm a young lad to be listed on the CWGC Roll of Honour.

    He was the first Military flying death in Australia.

    The frustrating part is that he is listed on the Australian Roll of Honour,

    I have supplied his Death Certificate,

    There is a newspaper report of the death and the circumstances of:

    Wheels just seem to turn slowly..........................very!


  6. spidge

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    Well done Billy - A great feeling it must be to see a result.


  7. Oggie2620

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    Let us know when it gets out into the world as it sounds a fascinating book.....

  8. Kitty

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    It sounds beyond fascinating. Does anyone have photos from the ceremony to unveil the stone?
  9. Brian54

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