WW2 Grave Sights in Egypt

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    Hi everyone. Sometime back I rediscovered an old tin cigarette box with photos inside. It belonged to my late grandfather, who served in 1st Line of Communications Provost Company commonly known in South Africa as the South African Corps Military Police (SACMP). Amongst the photos I found were photos of grave sites of both allied and axis soldiers. My grandfathers regiment was based in Helwan, from which it appears unit were sent out to where they were needed. My grandfather was stationed at Alexandria, Port Said and Cairo at various times. I would like to post these photos on this site with the hopes that someone more experienced may be able to identify the grave sites.

    Note: My grandfather served from Sept 1940 to Dec 1945. There no dates on the photos to assist.

    Thanks ahead for any effort.

    GRAVES_small.JPG GRAVES_small.JPG GRAVES_small (2).jpg GRAVES_small (1).jpg

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