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    A list of some 2,400 allied servicemen (and three women) who escaped from enemy occupied territories during the Second World War and returned to the UK.

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    Super website with only one problem that i can see, it doesn't give the year they escaped.

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    There is a superb bronze relief memorial to those courageous people in the occupied countries who helped Allied airmen evade capture in the RAF Museum at Hendon. It was paid for by the RAF Bomber Command Assn and was unveiled in 1986.
    I did have a couple of decent pics of it, but lost them in my last PC 'crash'.

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    Good find Kyt.
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    Spot on, well done.
    A lot of people in Britain still knock the French, but it is worth remembering that these people not only risked their lives, but also those of their families and friends by helping Allied aircrew to evade capture.

    I recall reading Martin Middlebrook's Schweinfurt Raid book, and being amazed at how many 8th USAAF airmen were on the run after their B-17s were shot down in Belgium. Something like 30 airmen had yet to be captured at the end of the day on 17 Aug 1943.

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    Escapers and Evaders

    Hi just looking through some earlier threads and came up with this.Must have been on Holiday.

    SPG 1 - 159 are 1940 ---SPG 160 - 220 1940-41 ---
    SPG 221 - 575 - 1941 --- SPG 576 - 670 1941 - 42 ---
    SPG 671 -902 - 1942 ---SPG 903 - 1030 - 1942 - 43 ---
    SPG 1031 - 1599 - 1943 ---SPG 1600 -1699 1943-44 ---
    SPG 1700 -2785 - 1944 --- SPG 2786 - 2900 - 1944 -45 ---
    SPG 2901 - 3122 1945.

    These are just 30 of the 97 Files I have Catalogued by name.

    There are some closed sections from the Files for 1941. These contain allegations made by Pte.J.Waller(455)Pte.W.J.Roberts(456) Cpl.Bainbridge(457) against an R.S.M.

    Bdsmn.K.W.Bateman(462) Pte E.Broughton(463) made similar allegations against 2 R.S.M.

    I have the Details of those accused from "FOR DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT IN THE FIELD" but when I asked T.N.A. to open the File my request was refused.

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    Thats awesome Brian. Thanks for the additional information on the years. I'll certainly be using the site for my research.

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