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  1. heatherannej

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    Hello there
    Does anyone have a pic of a 25 pounder Field Gun - one that the Field Regt., 532 Baty, 191 (Herts & Essex) Yeomanry Field Regiment, R.A. would have used in Normandy please? I am requesting it on behalf of my father-in-law who is making a contribution to a small local history studies book - obviously, we would need permission from the 'owner' to use it :)

    Any help gratefully received. I don't mind receiving more than one pic (ever hopeful) because my father-in-law may favour one more than another ..... depending on his point of view. Heather
  2. Dave Barlow

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    25 pounder Field Gun - 532 Bty, 191 (Herts & Essex) Yeomanry

    Was it a towed 25 pounder or a self-propelled piece:

    Welcome to the Imperial War Museum - collections search / photographs / field regiment

    The crew of a Sexton self-propelled gun of 147th (Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, the first Royal Artillery unit to fire its guns in Germany, 21 November 1944. (two nice photos)

    Just typing in Yeomanry gives 188 photos of which at least two or three are of field guns in action:

    25 pounder field gun of the Berkshire Yeomanry prepares to open fire near Surabaya (Soerabaja). Here the Berkshires provided artillery support to Indian infantry holding the perimeter line around the town

    google images / 25 pounder shows heaps of good piccies too.
  3. Dave Barlow

    Dave Barlow Member

    532 bty, 191 (Herts & Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment

    They appear to have been a short-lived unit....

    Sgt H B Baker - Jim Baker joined the Essex Yeomanry in the spring of 1939 and was one of the original members of 413 Battery, 147 Regiment. Jim served in A Troop as a gun Sergeant until December 1942 when he was transferred, with the majority of 413 Battery, to the newly formed 191 (Herts & Essex Yeomanry) Regiment, where he took a similar role as a No.1 in A Troop, 532 Battery. In due course he embarked, with the Battery, on June 6th 1944, to join the campaign in northern Europe. After serving with the regiment in its push through France, Belgium and Holland, 191 Regiment was disbanded in December 1944 and Jim was posted back to 147 Regt


    Sgt A R Kearton - Alex Kearton was one of the original members of 147 Regiment having joined the Yeomanry when the TA was doubled in 1939. He was posted to A Troop, 413 Battery and in due course was promoted to Bombardier. In December 1942 he was transferred to 191 Regiment and promoted to Sergeant in 532 Battery in which capacity he served through the campaign in Northern Europe.


    Sgt W A Ray - Bill Ray joined the Yeomanry early in 1939 and was posted to B troop, 413 Battery where he became a N0, 1. In 1942 he was transferred, with the majority of 413 Battery, to the newly formed 191 Regiment where he took up a similar roll in 532 Battery. When the Regiment was disbanded in 1944 he returned to 147 Regiment
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  5. heatherannej

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    Hi Dave Barlow and Splidge ...........

    Dave: Where did you pluck those little pieces from? The Forum? I wll note the names down - I bet father-in-law might know them (perhaps?). Father-in-law is 92!
    I made him write his autobiography some time ago and he is drawing on it for this little parish booklet.

    Splidge: Thanks for all the contacts. I had found the Wikipedia one and it was good because there was no copywrite problem. Father-in-law didn't like the colour! :)
    I was hoping that it would be easier for me if a Forum Member owned one and was happy to permit the use.

    Many thanks Heather
  6. Keith

    Keith New Member

    25 pounder Details

    Hi Heatheranne,

    Tell your father in law I was a GPO with 252 Regt, Royal Artillery, which was a field regiment using 25 pounders.
    I still have all my instruction books together with full manuals covering the gun.
    If there are any technical details or photographs or drawings he would like just send a list.
    ps. show him my moto, he will understand it better than most.

  7. heatherannej

    heatherannej New Member

    Hello Keith
    Thank you for that. I'll send you a private message re the sort of pics you hold.
    My father-in-law is very deaf ..... he blames it on the 25 pounders, whilst serving in Normandy etc during WW2 :-(

    Many thanks to all, it's much appreciated. Heather
  8. Keith

    Keith New Member

    25 pdr

    Hi Heather,
    I made a quick rummage before turning in and found the attached, hope they are of some interest.


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  9. Keith

    Keith New Member

    25 pdr cont:

    A few more to keep me awake
    PS.If you have a look at my postings in War on the Land, Army Vehicles, thumb through vehicle photo gallery, you will see some of the guns I was responsible for in the Regiment.

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  10. heatherannej

    heatherannej New Member

    Thank you SO much Keith. So is your permission given and is that enough if one of your pics was required for this little parish history booklet? Did you serve in WW2? Heather
  11. Dave Barlow

    Dave Barlow Member

    Heather - the quotes came from the Essex Yeomanry Journal 2003 - http://www.essex-yeomanry.org.uk/files/resourcesmodule/@random4569c55ec2d34/1166709782_2003journ.pdf

    I originally came to ww2chat to post info about a bloke I'm helping with his memories of the war (see Pavitt). I have been researching his movements using a raft of internet resources and by the purchasing of a few books.

    He was in the NZ artillery (25 pounders - 6 Field Regt) at Monte Cassino etc and then took a commission into the Royal Artillery and ended up in Burma in charge of a 25 pounder battery / troop with the 4th Field Regt - Indian Artillery. From there to Singapore and Java and so on.

    Cheers to the ex-gunners out there (your father-in-law & Keith the GPO)

    Dave: Where did you pluck those little pieces from? The Forum? I wll note the names down - I bet father-in-law might know them (perhaps?). Father-in-law is 92!
    I made him write his autobiography some time ago and he is drawing on it for this little parish booklet.
  12. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi Heather,
    These photographs are from a War Office set of Publications:

    The Second World War.


    The Development of Artillery Tactics and Equipment.


    The War Office 1951.

    I feel sure that the book being nearly 60 years old, will probably hold no copyright restrictions or the content of these photographs pose any threat to National Security.
    A quick enquiry to HMSO will I am sure confirm this if you feel uneasy.
    The personal photographs in the Land Vehicle Gallery were take at Sennybridge Training Area sometime early in my T.A. Service and you can certainly use them.

    To your second question, I was conscripted into National Service in Feb 1950, then continued serving in uniform one way or another until I retired from things military in 1991.
    Hope they are of some use.

  13. DFC

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  14. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Adjusted Image

    Hi Heather
    wouldn't load first time.
    Still no joy will print and rescan.

  15. Keith

    Keith New Member

    25 pdr adjusted picture

    Hi Heather
    Hope it works this time

    PS. All ex-gunners are fussy

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  16. heatherannej

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    Keith and Dave
    Thank you very much .........

    Re the EY Journal, Dave, I bet father-in-law will have that tucked away somewhere - he represented the Colchester Branch. You don't have to tell me how absorbing all this research is!

    Thanks again, Keith, I'm going to keep the latest image for myself - believe it or not.
    Thanks for the info on the pics' 'ownership' - I'll pass it on.

    Thanks for enlightening me re the "ex-gunners are fussy" .... so that's where he gets it from? ha ha

    Bye for now - much obliged to you. Heather
  17. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Royal Regiment of Artillery

    Hi Heather,
    I agree about picture choice
    Father in law may like this
  18. heatherannej

    heatherannej New Member

    Thank you again Keith.... it's appreciated. One day, I'll submit father-in-law's memoirs .... but not yet :) Best Regards Heather
  19. Wayne Ratclliffe

    Wayne Ratclliffe New Member

    We have a 25 pounder Field Gun parked out side 94 Squadron Museum at Windosr and I can get you some pictures. Berkshire Yeomanry were artillery from 1919-1960 and had 25 ponders mainly. This is my first post and I would welcome any information on Berkshire Yeomanry please from any period of service over the past 200 years. ;)
  20. groundhugger

    groundhugger Member

    Hello Kieth '
    looking at your reply ref. 252
    I was also a member of of 252 albeit in the last year 1967 I think ! memory getting Q battery at Ardwick green then went on to serve with the gunners at 209 Bty Belle Vue for a number of years afterwards.

    got some pics of 25's if you are Interested ? at warcop in the last year of use .
    regards John .

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