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  1. Nostalgair

    Nostalgair New Member

    Hi All,

    A great effort by those involved.

    I've just registered.


  2. Gage

    Gage New Member

    Didn't see this. Gonna have a shufti.
  3. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    I joined as "Doughboy".:)
  4. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    Does that mean that your name can't / won't go yellow?
  5. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT! If so I want my name changed to "Colonel Klink".:cry_smile: :frusty:Is there any way to change my name?.:help::help:
  6. Heidi

    Heidi New Member

    WW1 interesting1but the only thing i know about ww1 is-

    The red-baron.
    Hitler being shot in the leg.
    Hitler being spared by an english soildier that let him live to survive.

    That's all i know.

    People like me allowed to jion?
  7. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    Bribing the Admin always helps

    Like on Chat, we like members who want to learn as well as those who want to share their knowledge - so yes, you would be allowed to join
  8. Heidi

    Heidi New Member

    Ok,i'll check it out.
  9. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    Will you change my name? Please.:)
  10. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    That's not bribery - that's begging :D
  11. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    Thank you Kyt.:)
  12. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    Heidi, I joined and I do not know much(at all!).:high5::bottled0wl::84::gathering:

    P.S The best thing you can do is buy some books(about ww1).
  13. John

    John Active Member

    Hi Heidi,
    You must stop being negative about yourself. You are young and will learn very quickly about WW1 if you set your mind to it. So join and start learning.
  14. Heidi

    Heidi New Member

    Seems i should join and learn more.
    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

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