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  1. Canberra Man

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    For many years I had in my possession, a piece of aluminium my grandad gave me. It was a part of a Zeppelin that was shot down over Grimsby in 1915.

  2. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Hey ken, nice to see you around again. You ok?
  3. Canberra Man

    Canberra Man New Member

    Hi Kitty.
    Sorry I didn't reply to you in December, my wife is ill and looking after a sick wife and six dogs doesn't leave much time for the computor.

  4. spidge

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    A belated welcome to the forum Ken.

    I can relate to your situation, being time poor and trying to keep up with everything.


  5. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Hi Ken
    Do you have any more details on where your peice of alumimium came from? No Zeppelin came down near Grimsby in 1915. I'm not saying that the artefact was not from a Zeppelin, just that the details may not be correct.
    Only five airships were brought down over England during WW1 - see my list on this thread:


    I would guess your fragment came from L48, as all the others came down in the London area, but L48 fell near the Suffolk coast which is more likely to have been confused with Grimsby in the story over the years.

    A very long shot would be LZ74 that: "made two attacks on England dropping 3500 kg bombs; dismantled after it crashed into a mountain in misty weather on October 8, 1915". I don't know whether this mountain was in England.

    Could it have been a bomb fragment rather than part of the airship itself? Grimsby was bombed by L22 (Kapitanleutnant Martin Dietrich) on the night of 23/24 Sept 1916, and nearby Cleesthorpe on 31st/March 1916, also by Dietrich in L22; I don't know what Dietrich had against Grimsby!

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