Ww1 trench shovel?

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Mikey2k6, May 19, 2014.

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    Can anyone let me no some more information on a trench shovel I think it's German but I can't find no reference to a all metal one like the one I have seen examples of one with a wood Handel but mines metal? Tried uploading a photo but won't let me. So it's looks like a ww1 German trench shovel the type they carry on them as part of their personal kit but as I said the handle part is not wood but metal I got in back in the 90s from a fair it's very rusty dig up looking he was selling ww1 dug up items
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    image.jpg Mines like the one in my profile image
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    image.jpg And the back
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    Heres a snippet of truth.

    Before WW1 the English used what we call an Irish shovel for digging, this had a shaft that was in the region of 5ft long. however when used to dig trenches, it meant men had to stand to use it, and put them at risk from snipers, so they cut the handles down, so they could use them kneeling down, and that is why today most spades and shovels sold in England are short shafted !
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    Interesting, it is funny how just one war can completely change how a consumer product is made. All of the major wars influence society in some way that lasts longer than the war it seems. For example, the technological advancements in WW1 such as tanks, and accelerating the development of planes.

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