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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by CTNana, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. CTNana

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    Kyt I think you published a Time Line of WW2 somewhere else (in a previous life). Has anybody got anything similar for WW1?

    I feel a bit daunted in trying to decide where to start reading!
  2. liverpool annie

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  3. liverpool annie

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  4. liverpool annie

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    Thinking about it some more Nana .... I think most of us start by having just one person to research ....

    be it a soldier sailor or airman and you follow along with him .... and then start expanding your interests !!

    If you have a relative who fought in WW1 .... see if you'd like to find out things about him .... and if you do ... tell us what you know already and we'll try and help you !! ;)

    ( Let me just say ... it can be very addictive !! :D )
  5. CTNana

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    Thanks Annie. Those two websites look very helpful. One of my Grandfathers was called John Smith from London. There is no-one left to ask any questions. A family story says he served in the Far East and my brother has an evil looking curved knife which he supposedly brought back. I guess trying to find out much about him will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    In a rare lucid moment over Christmas we all discussed what we thought we knew about WW1. It was really embarrassing to realise how little we all knew. I always find the posts about the people the most interesting but I often find them difficult to put into context so I thought that a general background would be a good start.

    I look forward to getting stuck in and would dearly love to be in a position to ask an intelligent question, never mind dreaming of being able to answer someone else's!
  6. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    Okay I can now rule out that he was fighting the Japanese!!!!!! I shall have to get my brother to take a photo of the knife (maybe i was right about it coming from Petticoat Lane!).
  7. liverpool annie

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    Maybe it was somebody else's from WW2 !!!!!!!!!!! :D:D
  8. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    No it was definitely my Grandad's. It is years since I have seen it but I remember it being brassy coloured rather than steel. It had a very ornate carved handle made from the same metal and had a long curved blade (almost quarter circle). I remember my brother taking it to junior school (I wonder if my parents knew!) and being the centre of attention in the playground. The silly family story is that it was held to my Grandfather's throat. The declaration of the cease fire saved his life. I believed this for years - so simple the armistice is signed and everybody immediately lays down their arms - only to now find out that the Japanese were on our side in WW1 anyway. Perhaps it was Turkish?
  9. rlaughton

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    I have the complete chronology of the Great War as published in Volume 7 of "The Great Events of the Great War" (1919).

    It is a very rare series and has many other fine documents, such as the peace treaty.

    If you would like I can scan it and post it here or attempt a transcription?

  10. rlaughton

    rlaughton http://www.militarian.com/account/avatar

    I have now posted the chronology to the CEFSG Matrix Project here:

    Chronology of the Great War 1914-1919

    I am adding the Canadian concentration in Column 2 and so if others want to add other nations I can send them the base file.

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