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    I found these two clips on Youtube.

    The first one is a colourised montage, including footage of Manfred von Richthofen and his triplane (but see below). I wonder whether some of the supposed aerial shots were actually taken in the air. And the captions should be taken with a pinch of salt; they appear to bear no relation to the flim. But some bits are certainly interesting and unusual, such as the shots of a lorry-mounted AA gun going into action (probably a training exercise).
    The airmen leading a parade with an older man is Albert Ball VC, with his father who was mayor of Nottingham. The bemedalled Frenchman receiving another medal is Guynemer, receiving the Legion d'Honneur from General Franchet d'Esperey. The American pilot standing by the "Hat in the Ring" emblem is Eddie Rickenbacker. And the funeral of an American pilot is that of Raoul Lufbery.


    The second one is the original B&W version, much clearer than the colorised version, of the sequence of MvR strapping on his aeroplane and taking off. Some good detail of the engine being started, and the gun breeches. Members of another forum have focused on the aircraft's serial number and found that it is one of the prototype Fokker triplanes, FI 102/17. Therefore it was incorrect to colourise it as red - MvR's only all-red triplane was the one in which he died, DrI 425/17. Most others, and the prototypes, were painted a streaky brown colour. (The prototype triplanes were designated "FI", the production ones were designated Dr.I (Dr. = Dreidecker = three wings)).


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