World War I era Navy Recruiting Posters

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    Sometimes it's fascinating to read the background of things we take for granted !! :)

    During the First World War - Howard Chandler Christy's Navy enlistment posters were credited by Navy Secretary Franklin D. Roosevelt - with having recruited thousands. One in particular which has since become a collectors item .... depicts a plucky "Christy Girl" decked out in navy blues with the words "Gee, I wish I were a MAN, I'd join the NAVY." Though somewhat sexist by today's standards - the thousands of Navy enlistees were no doubt glad she wasn't a man !! :)

    "Gee!! I Wish I Were A Man"
    Navy Recruiting Poster by artist Howard Chandler Christy, issued in 1917.
    Collections of the Library of Congress.

    Mrs. E. LeRoy Finch, of Port Washington, New York accepts a plaque from Captain Robert L. Latta, senior Navy recruiter in New York City, during a ceremony at the home of her daughter, 30 January 1977. The plaque recognizes her long-time assistance to the Navy's recruiting efforts.
    Mrs. Finch was the model for the World War I Howard Chandler Christy recruiting poster "Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man", a copy of which is also seen in this photograph.
    Official U.S. Navy Photograph.

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