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    Since it's St. David's Day today I wondered if any members would like to view a film I made to remember the battle of Mametz Wood in 1916. Please click on the link below:


    The words are those of men who actually took part in the Battle of Mametz Wood.

    Capt. Llewelyn Wyn Griffith of the 15th. Royal Welsh Fusiliers wrote 'Up to Mametz' survived the war. He lost a son in WWII.

    David Jones, a Private in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, wrote 'In Parenthesis'. He was wounded in the thigh during the battle. After the war he became a distinguished poet and artist.

    Along with his friend Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves was a commissioned officer in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. They both fought at Mametz Wood.

    Harry Fellows was in the Northumberland Battalion. He was involved in burying the dead after the Battle of Mametz Wood. The horrors he saw left a lasting impression. When he died in 1987 his ashes were buried in Mametz Wood.

    No one knows the identity of the authors of the letter or the poem.

    Video and Editing:
    Huw Davies

    The Welsh Dragon Memorial at Mametz Wood was designed by Carmarthenshire sculptor and blacksmith David Petersen.

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